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I have run in state and federal elections since 2009 but this time I have aligned himself with the newly created Conservative National Party formed by Senator Fraser Anning.
I am very keen to make a difference to so-called small business, which is the backbone of the economy.
As a businessman, I am extremely passionate about implementing better ways to support and grow small business.
I have been described as a larger than life character and an extremely passionate innovative man with a gift for communication supported by an exceptionally high IQ who loves caramel cheese cake and cream [and have] a blended English/Australian accent.
I was privileged to work for IBM in computer design when they were bringing out their first IBM PC.
Years later in 1998, in my own business, we were the first ever, before the cellular networks, to do voice data and video over a smartphone — although our iPhone was a hand-held PC.
I reside in Caloundra and remain passionate about supporting my beloved Caloundra Rugby Union Club and getting elected into parliament in 2019.
Being around boats for most of my life, boating is in my blood.
My Dad was a submariner in the Royal Navy and was captain of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Eagle This meant that we spent time travelling with Dad around the world as part of his tours of duty. I was actually born in Manly in New South Wales.
After attending boarding school from the age of eight in England and graduating from Portsmouth University in Southern England with a degree in business with computers, I then went on to study a postgraduate degree in microprocessor design.
After IBM, I later operated an electronic business producing high-tech computer components across the world. There is no secret to success - it is hard work and determination.
In my spare time I love to sing in a number of local choirs – I always sing at the Christmas carols – I play a number of musical instruments and I love to get onto the water with my family and free dive and spearfish when I get a chance.

“Why do you want to be a politician?” and “Can you outline one significant issue that you think is concerning for our local readers and what you propose to do about it?”

(from GC&M News, 01/08/2019 - www.gcnews.com.au/Readme.aspx?pid=843)

I believe the system is broken and major reforms are needed and I want to be part of making it happen.
The main issue facing locals is the need for major reforms … of planning, of the constitution and of taxation.
As an ex-landlord, I can see that council planning permissions need reform.
There are an estimated 1,600 people sleeping rough or in their cars and being moved on by Sunshine Coast Council.
I propose to eliminate this to zero by completely deregulating the housing market of the type of accommodation that homeless people would otherwise occupy, which has caused this problem in the first place.
Councils would be made responsible to allow a certain proportion of planning permission zones mandated to include this type of accommodation.
Electoral and constitutional reform is also high on my agenda.
Most of the problem is that a total of 72% of the population are excluded from running for parliament (12% cannot vote and 60% are ineligible to enter parliament under section 44 of the constitution) and therefore become second class citizens experiencing taxation without representation from the outset; and this is just a ruse to keep normal people out of parliament.
An Australian citizen is deterred from even running for parliament meaning parliament is unrepresentative of the electorate.
I believe that state governments should gradually be dissolved giving greater powers to local government, with federal planning powers being increased.
But my main platform is genuine tax reform.
The safest and most reliable way of regenerating the economy, instead of spending on armies of government workers (more than half the workforce), is to put money back in non-government workers pockets with an automated tax system I have formulated called the gifts goods and services tax or GGST.
This has no offshore not-for-profit charitable trust foundation status … everybody pays a 0.5% credit and 0.5% debit tax which will eliminate both income tax and the current GST that takes 100 hours per annum for businesses to report to the ATO.

"The views and policies of Fraser Anning have been categorised as being on the very far right of the political spectrum. How can local voters take seriously that the party is one that can bring together all sides of society rather than being a divisive and alienating force in the community."
(GC&M News, 08/05/2019 http://gcnews.com.au/Readme.aspx?pid=845)

I welcome and thank you for this extremely important and relevant question.
The matter of focusing in on divisive issues is a smokescreen by the opposition which has taken and used completely innocuous events and remarks to instigate dirty tricks against Fraser Anning who has been contesting successfully for parliament since 1998. However, we have a free press and all publicity is good
The LNP and Labor have presided over a complete disaster for the past 11 years that they blame everyone except themselves for, and the clueless Greens and others who are a policy free zone.
The West has been at war with one Arab country or another for the last 29 years and Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party will not shy away from issues that threaten our security - indeed the very existence of Western civilisation and culture itself, which so characterises this 45th parliament, such as the tacit approval of murder, rape, torture, stoning, beheading, crucifixion, hanging, shooting, decapitation, amputation and gouging that occurs on a daily basis in these countries.
Being a peacemaker means standing up to these barbaric practices wherever they may occur including Korea, China and even Russia.
We should live in peace with our neighbours as far as possible but not at any price and certainly not to obfuscate game-changing policies that are being completely ignored, which can be implemented at minimal cost and will put money back in the pockets of the taxpayer straight away it's called the WHIG Party GGST (Gifts Goods and Services Tax) and can be implemented within months to replace both Income tax and the current GST and reduce the cost of living at the same time.
Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party is the only party with policies to maximise each and every opportunity available to us and is the only party worth voting for at this election by a country mile.
Vote Mike Jessop, Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party candidate for Fisher – you will not be disappointed.

"What is it about you, what you offer and what you stand for that makes you the best election choice for locals living in the hinterland?"

(from GC&M News, 15/05/2019 - http://www.gcnews.com.au/Readme.aspx?pid=847)

There is no secret to success. It is hard work and determination and I know this secret is shared by every successful business, farm, sole trader, partnership and company here on the Sunshine Coast and in the hinterland.
My priorities for the coast are:

1. Tackle homelessness (1,600 sleeping rough or in their cars every night on the Sunshine Coast). Cure homelessness on the Sunshine Coast allowing a certain proportion of planning permission zones mandated to include this type of accommodation indeed for business purposes so that there is a proportion of accommodation for businesses to operate as well.
2. Tackle 20%-50% youth unemployment by GGST tax reform and removal of all employment taxes.
3. Tackle youth suicide nationally. There are 240 attempted suicides a day, six are successful (please see one and two above).
Democracy is the price of freedom and electoral and constitutional reform are key to this election.
Electronic voting and genuine tax reform in the form of the GGST (0.5% credit/debit tax).
I aim to abolish both the GST and income tax and so remove the handbrake on the economy meaning no paperwork and to replace most if not all other forms of tax – which everyone pays and may well even turn Australia into a tax haven itself.
In August 2018, the ATO announced it was bringing in an annual charge for holding an ABN – a tax on being a taxpayer! For me this has been the last straw … enough is enough! All the other parties are a policy free zone (see my old independent www.whigparty.com.au website for details).
Parliament is dissolved. All you've got to do is vote. Download my how to vote card to your smartphone from my conservative national website - www.whigparty.com.au
The other parties are a policy free zone running an entirely negative campaign by holding the balance of power to stifle the introduction of these vital measures.
Don’t risk another LNP or Labor government.
Take it while it's on offer. You will not be disappointed.

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