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I am committed to helping to make our community the place to be for education, employment and retirement. That is my vision for Fisher and it is my mission on behalf of you, the local residents who elected me.

Since you gave me the privilege to represent our community as your federal Member for Fisher, I have helped bring more federal government money to the Sunshine Coast than ever before.

I have helped deliver $3.13 billion for desperately needed upgrades to the Bruce Highway, to add an extra lane between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and upgrade congested intersections.

I have helped deliver $390 million to duplicate the North Coast rail line between Beerburrum and Landsborough and get more Sunshine Coast commuters home sooner and safer.

I have helped deliver record federal funding for education and health on the coast, including an extra $266 million for our 40 local schools.

I have delivered $9.7 million for cutting edge local mental health treatment and research including in Mooloolah Valley, extra funding for childcare in Beerwah, Landsborough and Glenview, and the money needed for new mobile phone towers to improve reception in Glass House Mountains, Beerwah and Peachester.

In the hinterland I have delivered smaller scale community grants, which have allowed community groups including Maleny Men’s Shed, Palmwoods Memorial Hall, Maleny Golf Club, Celebrate Glasshouse Country, Beerwah Sportsground, Peachester Hall, Maleny Historical Society, Landsborough Area Community Association and many others to enrich more people’s lives and offer new activities.

At my many listening posts around the hinterland this year you have told me that you want to see the government’s highway and rail upgrades finished as quickly as possible and action now on our congested local roads.

You have told me that you want a strong local economy that delivers the jobs of the future that we want, and you have told me that you are very concerned about the terrible impact of Labor’s proposed new taxes on retirees, on small business and on our homes.

Delivering the local infrastructure we need, securing a strong economy and fighting to stop Labor’s destructive and unfair new taxes - these are the projects that will do most to make Fisher the place to be for education, employment and retirement this year, and these are the campaigns that I am committed to fighting for.

“Why do you want to be a politician?” and “Can you outline one significant issue that you think is concerning for our local readers and what you propose to do about it?”

(from GC&M News, 01/08/2019 -

I believe that we have all been given certain skills and gifts and it is incumbent on all of us to share them with others for the betterment of our community. I have been involved in many different community groups as a volunteer since I was 14.
However, I have always believed that federal politics is the apex of community service because there is no other career where you can help to improve quite so many people’s lives. That is why I am standing for re-election as your federal Member for Fisher.
The number one issue that locals raise with me is infrastructure. I have lived here for 26 years and I know that for decades the Sunshine Coast was left behind by all governments. Our road and rail infrastructure is not good enough and if we don’t act it is only going to get worse.
Since 2016 I have helped to begin turning this situation around. Since my election there has been more Australian Government investment in our region’s infrastructure than ever before. The first phases of the Liberal National Government’s $3.2 billion worth of Bruce Highway upgrades between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane are already at the half way stage with exit 190 already open.
The second phase, extra lanes between Caboolture and Steve Irwin Way, will commence in 2020.
Likewise, following our government’s contribution of $390 million we have 70% of the funds we need to duplicate the North Coast rail line and get more regular and reliable trains. Preparatory work is under way.
However, we cannot afford endless construction works. We need the extra lanes and tracks and the improved interchanges that we have funded built now.
If re-elected I will work hard and constructively with both state and federal governments to achieve two outcomes.
First, fast tracking the highway upgrades that we have funded to get them completed as soon as possible, and second, securing the remaining funds we need to complete the rail duplication and, if the business case stacks up, to build high speed rail between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

"With the whole of the Sunshine Coast being such a safe LNP stronghold – both at state and federal levels – why should voters think that a LNP government will treat them any differently or any better if they just keep voting the same way again and again?"

(from GC&M News, 01/08/2019 -

I don’t believe that there are any safe seats in Queensland. Every federal election the voters of Fisher have the same opportunity as anyone to choose who their representative will be.
I have worked very hard and successfully to deliver for Fisher over the past three years. I hope that locals will remember that and give me their trust once again this election.
However, the surprise 2013 result in Fairfax, another supposedly safe Sunshine Coast seat, proves that any outcome is possible. If voters in Fisher want to avoid seeing Bill Shorten as Prime Minister I ask them to remember that fact and give their first preference to me and to the LNP Senate team.
However, if you want to understand h

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