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Since being endorsed as the ALP candidate for Fisher, I have hit the ground running in the lead up to this year’s much anticipated federal election.
I am twenty-eight-year-old and have worked for ten years as an electrician, with the trade taking me from my of Weipa, to the mines of West Australia and finally to my current home in Glass House Mountains.
I have also been studying for a diploma of arts at the University of Southern Queensland, but with the campaign under way, I has put these studies on hold to contest the election.
I’ve been overwhelmed by the support of people here on the Sunshine Coast. People tell me they’ve had a gutful of the Abbot / Turnbull / Morrison merry-go-round – they just want a stable government in Canberra that will stand up for everyday people.
With ten years’ trade experience, I know how tough it can be to find secure work.
With so many residents on the Sunshine Coast relying on insecure industries such as construction, tourism and hospitality, workers desperately need a government that will stand up for their rights.
While Andrew Wallace and Scott Morrison look to give tax cuts to big business, my focus is on securing the best possible future for the hard-working people of Fisher.
In a recent visit to the Sunshine Coast, federal Labor leader Bill Shorten welcomed me to the campaign, saying …”I know Dan will be a formidable advocate for the Sunshine Coast community. His experience working as an electrician means he will be a strong voice fighting for good, secure jobs on
the Sunshine Coast.”
Only Labor has a plan to properly fund our schools and hospitals and reverse cuts to penalty rates.
I’m looking forward to working in the coming weeks to outline Labor’s plans for the Sunshine Coast.

“Why do you want to be a politician?” and “Can you outline one significant issue that you think is concerning for our local readers and what you propose to do about it?”

(from GC&M News, 01/05/2019 - www.gcnews.com.au/Readme.aspx?pid=843)

G’day. I’m Daniel Parsell, your local Labor candidate for the upcoming federal election.

I’m a 28-year-old electrician living in Glass House Mountains.
It’s an absolute honour to be running for the Australian Labor Party and would be an even greater honour to serve the people of Fisher if elected by you on May 18.
Since January, my team and I have been door knocking, phone calling and holding street stalls to speak with thousands of residents about what you would like to see improved here in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland.
This is my first tilt at politics and the reason I put my hand up is because I genuinely enjoy helping people.
I love volunteer work. I love seeing how people, when they pull together, can improve their communities. Whether through sporting clubs, charities or community groups, volunteering creates a sense of mateship within groups of people who may not otherwise have ever met. By volunteering they bond through hard work and their achievements have substantial benefits for the broader community.
I see the role of a member of parliament as an extension of this volunteering ethos, and to pursue such an opportunity is why I’ve thrown my hat in the ring.
Out in the suburbs and townships of Fisher one subject that has been raised with me time and again is education.
With billions of dollars cut from public schools, TAFEs and universities across the country, the current government is creating a bleak future for our next generation.
A Shorten Labor government would redress this chronic underfunding. Under Labor an additional $19.58 million would be invested in state schools in Fisher over the next three years.
I attended a state school and was the first in my family to finish year 12. I went on to study at TAFE and last year attended my first year of university. I’ve seen first-hand how education creates opportunities.
I’m proud to be a candidate for Labor, the party that believes every child, regardless of where they live, should have the option to attend a great state school.

"In what has become a safe LNP seat over many years, why should local voters think that you’ve got so much more to offer them than all the previous defeated Labor candidates, for them to stop supporting the current local member who is stable and delivering results?"
(from GC&M News, 08/05/2019 - http://www.gcnews.com.au/Readme.aspx?pid=845)

This is not a contest between current and former Labor candidates. This is a contest between Labor and LNP. A choice between a chaotic alliance of LNP, One Nation and Clive Palmer, or a stable Shorten Labor team offering a genuine fair go for middle and working class people.
Having said that, my predecessor Bill Gissane, who proudly ran for Labor in Fisher in 2013 and 2016 would have made a superb local MP. Fisher residents would have been far better served with Bill Gissane fighting for us in Canberra than the sad turn-style of LNP seat-warmers in the form of Peter Slipper, Mal Brough and Andrew Wallace.
The reason people should carefully consider voting Labor is that after May 18 we may well have Labor in office at both a federal and state level. If Mr Wallace and Mr O’Brien are returned then the Sunshine Coast may have every one of its state and federal representatives in opposition – just sitting across the divide, throwing rocks at the government instead of working collaboratively for our region.
This election is about the future, which is why one of the biggest issues differentiating the two major parties is climate change policy.
Labor has a comprehensive plan to cut pollution and address global warming. Labor is committed to reducing Australia’s pollution by 45 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030 and achieving net zero pollution by 2050.
We are als

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