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I have lived at Parrearra for the past ten years, and have spent the last ten years working with farmers and land owners in remote Australia.

I have also spent 30 years in Sydney working across business development, sales for a global telecommunications company, debt recovery, business-to-business publishing and advertising.

I studied engineering, quality management and business marketing part time while working as a technical sales engineer for a defence manufacturer on the Collins class submarine project.

I am passionate about putting Australia first and ending politicians’ unfair and excessive pensions, entitlements and benefits.

I have worked extensively with men's groups teaching empowerment skills to assist men in embracing their lives with integrity and respect for the betterment of themselves, their relationships and the community.

Fake news and the incitement of racial and religious conflict is rife, drawing attention away from critical issues that affect the quality of life of our people both now and into the future.

Important issues for Australia and the electorate include the increase in electricity and water bills through privatisation and mismanagement; greater foreign ownership of agricultural land putting control of the bulk of food production into the hands of foreign entities; the selling off of mineral resources to foreign investments; inadequate pensions for elders, veterans and the unemployed; provisional tax strangling small business growth; and the NBN failure.

We wonder why we seem to not be learning from the mistakes of our past, but nothing substantial or meaningful will change under the Labor/Greens alliance or Liberal/Nationals Coalition.

The two-party system is now failing Australia and the Australian people with corporate politicians pandering to themselves and their corporate donors instead of acting in the best interests of our people and our sovereignty.

Real change can only occur when the voice of the people, not the self-serving major parties, is heard and acted upon. The UAP and I as the candidate for Fisher are committed to taking that voice to parliament.

But we can't do that without the help of the people. The people must demand change on election day. We the people must see that continuing to vote for the major parties and expecting a different outcome from the government is insanity, a wasted vote and a lost opportunity for real change.

“Why do you want to be a politician?” and “Can you outline one significant issue that you think is concerning for our local readers and what you propose to do about it?”

(from GC&M News, 01/08/2019 -

Why do I want to become a politician? Because no one is providing a plan for the future I can trust and all I see from career politicians, the men and women we look to for leadership, is short-sighted vote buying and back office party donation deals while they remind us daily the budget is getting better and better when we all know the economy is going nowhere and people are going backwards We need better ideas!
The $75 one-off electricity bill payment will not fix the electricity prices into the future and this short-sighted offer only highlights they really don’t get it.
I actually don’t want to be a politician. I don’t trust any of them, but something needs to change and I’m sick of moaning about it, so I’m having a go because a veteran mate I have worked with in the bush for the past 10 years said I can make a difference and he’s a good judge of character, so I’m going to trust him on this one and do what I can to make difference.
Who knows, maybe a team of everyday Aussies with some common sense can disrupt and change a political system that’s not serving the country or the Australian people in the way it was intended to.
A big issue facing locals is better support for small family businesses.
I have lived and worked in the bush for the past 10 years and 12 years working for small family engineering businesses and the lack of support for small business for over 30 years is a disgrace.
Those businesses are the backbone of every community and rather than assist them to grow and employ locals, governments enforce a tax regime that strangles their cash flow that in turn effects everyone in the community either directly or indirectly.
Delaying the payment of provisional tax will free up small business cash flow and circulate $70 billion every year through our economy. That’s better for everyone.
Why can’t Australians claim the interest on their home loan as a tax deduction just like big business does – it’s only fair isn’t it!
The tax system needs reform so it’s fair for all Australians not just big businesses operating from tax havens.

"The last political party Clive Palmer set up ended with division, elected members abandoning their voters and leaving the party, and the party being deregistered. Why should voters think it will be any different this time?"

(GC&M News 08/05/2019

Prior to endorsement as the candidate for Fisher I was not a member of the PUP (Palmer United Party) or involved with the party so I can’t speak for anyone from that time or with any authority on what happened during that period. Clive has spoken about those days of the PUP in great detail and there are numerous interviews online for viewing.
During those years I was working in remote Australia with farmers and land owners and I’m not here to talk about the past. It’s a distraction to the real issues, I’

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