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"No preference deals have been done; we're leaving it to the voter to make up their own minds."

The Love Australia or Leave Party, registered with the Australian Electoral Commission in 2016 by Kim Vuga who in 2015 appeared on the SBS documentary ‘Go back to where you came from’, has launched its federal election campaign and will run candidates in the Senate and House of Representatives.

I live in Minyama, am a small business owner, plumber, teacher, dancer, author and firearms instructor.
Above all, I am a son, father, husband and a true Australian patriot who cares deeply about the Australian way of life, a way of life under threat,” Mr Monaghan said.
He said that people in the electorate had told him they were not happy with their current elected representative.
 I believe we should all stand up for what we believe in, even if standing alone.
Fighting for justice, family, neighbours, for the weak and downtrodden. It’s time for a purge of our politicians.
Let’s replace them with ‘real’, honest Australians who have the best interest of our people and our country as their first priority. Good wholesome values from those who represent us in parliament.
Now is the time for change so that we can still save our country and way of life.
Stop foreign ownership, stop selling off our public resources, time to make this the Lucky Country once more.
Our politicians are elected for a term, we need to look further than the next election, further than ‘what can I do to get re-elected’.
I want to start the ball 

rolling to abolish political entitlements, including excessive pensions to people who don’t need or deserve them. It may be a hard uphill slog, but I will start at the bottom and work my way up.
We need long-term vision, long-term goals to get this country back into the fast lane, an economic strength, a country that develops its natural resources, not ship them overseas and buy them back at inflated prices.
I want to see a change in representation in government and the government start to put the best interests of the people and country as their first priority.
It’s time for change. Let me bring that change for you in Fisher.

“Why do you want to be a politician?” and “Can you outline one significant issue that you think is concerning for our local readers and what you propose to do about it?”

(from GC&M News, 01/05/2019 -

Why do I wish to become a politician?
I, like many Australians, have become fed up with the government not listening to the people. Our farmers, elderly, vets, homeless all seem to be overlooked with so much money sent overseas to make us look good in the world’s eyes.
Ridiculous parliamentary pensions and privileges have to go. I could either sit back and complain like so many others or I can stand up and make changes from within once elected.
I am incorruptible and will always put my electorate, my country and its people first. Consider me the Elliot Ness of Fisher.
Having spent years volunteering in our community, it is time to step up into the big league where I can facilitate real change.
Our children’s welfare is one of my biggest issues.
The Love Australia or Leave Party holds dear the issues associated with the Family Court of Australia, Child Support agency and the child protection agency. Having personal dealings with all three of these entities, I can testify that they need a bomb put under them.
A royal commission into the child protection agency. All too often we hear of children taken off the good parents while children die at the hands of parents "known to the department”. Now there are some great people working in these departments, don't get me wrong, making changes to kids’ lives. Do they either need better leadership, more power to remove children from danger or better funding? Only a royal commission will give us the answers we need.
The family law courts have a huge backlog of cases, taking years at times to get through the system.
There needs to be a second tier, for want of a better word, that deals with cases. It should be given the power to make orders based on the pig-headedness of one or both parties, always with the best interest of the child as the centre focal point.
All too often these cases are drawn out for years at the will of one parent wishing to ‘punish’ the other, when it is the child who is getting hurt.
The Child Support agency … do I have the answer? No, I don't, YET.

"Being a federal member is about fairly representing the interests of everyone in the community. Why should voters think that the candidate for a fledgling party based around the narrow philosophies of its creator with no track record has the maturity and character to be a truly representative member of parliament?"

(from GC&M News, 08/05/2019 -

A political party is lawfully made up of a broad cross-section of the community and, given a political party requires a minimum of 500 people to register, this automatically negates the concept that any party has narrow philosophies, particularly when a party such as Love Australia or Leave encourages members and the public to contribute their ideas.

A democratic government works at its best when a blend of long-standing elected officials are mixed with fresh blood to keep things fresh. New members can breathe new life into old outdated ways of thinking while re-elected members can show them the ways that have stood the test of time.
The number of new minor parties that have arrived on the political scene are in direct response to the major parties moving awa

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