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  If you don't know what Division you are in - or just want to check if your Division as changed as a result of recent divisional boundary changes, go to the Electoral Commission Queensland's electorate finder (click the image below), then enter your address into the 'search by address' field.

Meet Your Candidates

Click on their image to read about who they are and what they stand for.

Kiti Bruinsma   Tracie Sanim   Winston Johnston   Clive Waring
  James Grimard
  Tracy Burton
Greg Williams   Greg Cutlack   Charles Hodgson   Alison Barry-Jones        

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The following questions were put to the candidates in Division 5.
Keep checking in regularly ... more questions will be put to the candidates as the election nears.
Click on each question to read and compare the responses from each candidate

1. What town do you live in and what is an issue you would address in that town if elected to Council?

2. If a large delegation of your constituents form a group to fight for a separate hinterland council, would you support their cause and why?

3. What is something you feel Council has done really well in Division 5, and what would you do to make sure that success continues?

Mark Jamieson
  Chris Thompson
  Michael Burgess
  Donald Innes        
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