If you would like to send a photo you should consider the following advice to ensure the best quality reproduction when printed.

  1. Digital images need to be hi-res – minimum 300 dpi resolution. 
  2. Make sure that you send your images as a jpeg (not saved into word document). 
  3. Images taken on a mobile phone are not generally high enough resolution for printing. 
  4. Avoid cropping images yourself as it will affect the quality and resolution of the image; it is best to leave that to our graphic designers. 
  5. All photos must include captions – please double check spelling of all names, and ensure names are in correct order (generally left to right). 
  6. Make sure you have the permission of the people in the photo to send it to the newspaper. 
  7. Use the flash function outside on bright, sunny days and on cloudy, overcast days. 
  8. Be aware of poor lighting indoors, don’t take photos of people against bright windows. 
  9. Try to take landscape shots – these are wider than they are tall. 
  10. When photographing activities or procedures, include some close-up photos. 
  11. It is ok to have cheesy, posed shots and fun photos of people smiling into the camera or 'pretending' to perform an activity. 
  12. Opt for a plain background where possible; if that is not possible think about the 'big picture'. Consider if the photo benefits from a quick tidy up, moving irrelevant things out of the shot – such as cups, glasses, bottles, empty plates, bins etc. 
  13. Hold the camera at your subject's eye-level for a personal and inviting image. 
  14. It is also a good to take a look to see what's around you. You might get a better shot if you kneel, or find something to stand on.

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