In response to the COVID-19 situation, you may prefer to take an electronic copy of the how-to-vote card with you to the polling booth this election.

To help, we've collated them here for Division 1, Division 5 and Mayor.

Don't forget you will need to vote for a Divisional Councillor and for the Mayor, so you may need two how-to-vote cards for each of the candidates you prefer.

To download a how-to-vote card, click on the specific photo to take you to their how-to-vote card page for that candidate.  Download the pdf or save the image and take it with you on your phone to the polling booth.


 Rick Baberowski   Jenny Broderick
Raelene Ellis
  Mark Davis

Click here for Rick's how-to-vote card

Click here for Jenny's how-to-vote card

Click here for Raelene's how-to-vote card

Click here for Mark's how-to-vote card

DIVISION 5 COUNCILLOR How-to-vote cards

Kiti Bruinsma   Tracie Sanim   Winston Johnston   Clive Waring
  James Grimard
Greg Williams   Greg Cutlack   Charles Hodgson   Alison Barry-Jones   Tracy Burton



MAYORAL How-to-vote Cards

Mark Jamieson
  Chris Thompson
  Michael Burgess
  Donald Innes

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