Purchase a photo


Unfortunately we don't sell photos ... we just give them away free!


If a photo appears in Glasshouse Country & Maleny News that you would like - please contact us and we can advise whether or not we have the copyright of the image and are able to supply a copy for you.


Unfortunately if the image was supplied by a member of the community they may retain the copyright and it is up to them if they are happy for us to provide copies to other readers.


Before contacting us can you please check the you have the important details of edition date of the publication and the page number that the photo appears on.


We can only email photos to you or you can come into the office with a memory device to have them copied onto.


All photos supplied by us are for strictly non-commercial purposes only. Using them in any other way is a misuse of our copyright ownership and contravenes the Copyright Act. If you wish to use them for a commercial purpose (on your website, facebook page, on a flyer or brochure or on another advertisement) you are unable to do so without our express permission.


Contact us on 5438 7445 or email reception@gcnews.com.au


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